Alessi Watches are vibrant, bold, distinguishable watches. Real Alessi Watches contain a range of Italian watches. With the Alessi Watches range, each model is especially produced by another professional designer giving personality and individuality to each Alessi Watch. Alessi Watches attract lots of interest and fit a very wide audience.

One of the Alessi Watch range there's numerous amazing Alessi Watches, made up of models such as the Alessi Daytimer, Alessi Kaj, Alessi Calumet, Alessi Callisto, Alessi Look No Hands, and our faves at TicWatches, the Alessi Tic Watches, to title a few.

Karim Rashid, the appearance mind behind the Alessi Kaj Watch Collection, is punching the plastic watch trend by storm along with his bold, distinguishing square face glimmering gems. Showing bold, pastel summer season colours with the collection, the Alessi Watch Kaj AL10011 Lime Eco-friendly plastic watch can be a massive # 1 this season! Other colours provided by the Alessi Kaj Watch Collection include pink, blue, brown and black, to title just a little handful of.

Professional designers for instance Will Alsop and Federico Grazzini, design masters in the Alessi Daytimer Watch Collection, are showing to become huge favorite this summer season season. While using Alessi Daytimer digital watch you can be positive to wow your pals getting a retro appearance.

The Alessi Daytimer watch could be acquired in many colours, while using AL22001 Vibrant Red-colored-colored Alessi Watch Daytimer storming for the hot list this season, at TicWatches. Other colours include AL22003 Crimson Alessi Daytimer, AL22002 Eco-friendly Alessi Daytimer as well as the AL22000 Black Alessi Daytimer, only to condition a few. With such fantastic digital watches, TicWatches insist these digital watches will be huge this summer season!

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