Timex Military Watch connection sparked our interest, the watch ended up being interesting for various reasons. First, we understood they were rare, but we'd not a clue exactly how rare. Attempt to search for one available. Seriously, just try. They don't exist. According to several Timex and military watch experts, the watch may have never even been really bought with the Government. Here's why that's very possible.

These watches have only came out with February and March 1982 situation backs - when the order was placed, you may anticipate seeing these watches from a range of production dates. Timex would not go close to the problem of making watches on deal for two several days, therefore it is possible these were simply part of a deal to win anything.

Then, 1982 was an important year inside the good status for Timex - it absolutely was the season they stopped creating mechanical actions.

According to Timex's own documentation, output of manually wound actions stopped within this summer time 1982, and management saw next for any very long time ahead of time. Why would Timex begin a government contract in Feb of 1982 once they would stop production only a few several days later

Also, the problem of individuals Timex mil-spec watches, like people built by Benrus beneath the same recommendations, consists of Casio Watch incredibly lightweight plastic. We're not speaking some super high-grade military design plastic we're speaking elementary school lunchroom silverware plastic. Sure, it's light nevertheless the color really helps to make the watch really endearing and fun to use.